Bagrrys Fruit n Fibre Mixed Fruit Muesli With Almonds and Raisins

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Product Description :
Delicious mixed fruit fibre muesli that lets you experience the exotic fruit flavours of luscious strawberries, delicious apples and zesty pineapples with the richness of British oats, natural honey and fibre-rich bran. Delightful muesli for a great start to your day with the perfect balance of whole grains and mixed fruits. Made with whole grains, real fruit crush and 40% oats, the mixed fruit muesli is high in fibre and an excellent source of protein. With zero artificial colour and absolutely no preservatives, this muesli can be served with milk, yoghurt, or cream or can be eaten as a snack by itself! Its extraordinary taste is loved by kids and grown-ups alike. Mixed fruit muesli is a great way to start your day. A must-have on your breakfast table, order it right away!
Ingredients :
Whole Rolled Oats 40%, Whole Wheat Flakes 28%, (Wheat, Sugar, Iodised Salt, Malt Extract And Antioxidants: Ins 322 - Soy Lecithin & Ins 307B - Tocopherol (Vitamin E) Concentrate), Strawberry Crush 11%, (Sugar, Water, Strawberry Pulp, Thickener (Ins 440), Acidity Regulator (Ins 330 - Citric Acid & Ins 331- Sodium Citrate), Apple Juice Concentrate 4%, Pineapple Crush 4%, Broken Whole Rolled Wheat, Raisins 3%, Almonds 2%, Invert Syrup, Wheat Bran, Oat Bran, Honey 1%, Beetroot Powder & Antioxidants (Ins 307B - Tocopherol (Vitamin E) Concentrate)
Storage :
- Store in a cool and dry place.
- Keep in an airtight container once opened.


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