Bagrrys White Oats

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Product Description :
Kick start your mornings with heart-healthy and wholesome Bagrry's White Oats. Reap the benefits of bagrry's 100% wholegrain and nutrition-packed oats, which are specially processed with innovative milling technology for a superior taste experience. At Bagrrys, only the finest oats are used from around the world to ensure a great start to your day, every day. 
Benefits :
- Rich source of Magnesium
- Enhances immune response to disease
- Rich source of dietary fibre
- Supports weight loss
How to Use :
- You can use white oats in a variety of ways.
- While it can be cooked like porridge with milk and sugar or honey, it can also be cooked with lots of vegetables and some seasoning for a tasty and succulent breakfast treat that is also healthy!


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