Bajaj Electric Kettle - 1.2 Litres

M.R.P: 2080   Price: 1799 14% off
1300 W

Product Description : This Bajaj 1.2 Litres Kettle has an auto shut off feature to save power and offers enhanced safety. Being dry boil safe, this device can handle higher levels of thermal stress and does not break down. It also features a spout that makes for convenient pouring. With a 1.2 liter capacity, this kettle can satisfy your desire for tea, anytime, anywhere. The kettle boasts off Cordless operation which makes it extremely easy to use and portable as well. The kettle exudes a very stylistic build and makes sure that your beverage is always at the desired temperature. This kettle heats water extremely quickly with 1300 W power and saves time and electricity. This kettle proves to be a lifesaver for people in rush and on the go and to top it all off there are Neon indicators which makes it extremely easy to operate and gets the job done with perfect precision. Key Features: -1.2 Litres -Ideal For: Soup | Tea | Water -Concealed -Power: 1300 Watts -24 Months Warranty


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