Beardo De-Tan Face Scrub

M.R.P: 350   Price: 350
100 gm

Product Description: -This blend hydrates skin, makes your beard manageable, improves growth, while providing subtle scents perfect for both days in the office and on the weekends.No matter how dull and tired you are, a cup of coffee always does the trick; it gives you the much-needed kick to energize your body. Beardo Caffeine Face Scrub, too, does the same to your skin. -Specially formulated for men, this face scrub works wonderfully on your tough skin to exfoliate dead skin, moisturize the upper layer of your skin, and regenerate cells for a fresh look and youthful radiance. -This scrub is made with natural ingredients and essential oils such as coffee powder, sugar mix, coffee oil and almond oil topped with divine fragrance. It instantly reveals the inner glow of your skin, reviving it from the daily wear and tear due to heat, dust, and pollution. So, next time whenever your face looks dull, dry and worn out, you know it's time for a quick dose of caffeine a.k.a Beardo Caffeine Face Scrub! Features: -Detoxifying and rejuvenating face scrub packed with powerful antioxidants -Enriched with coffee powder, almond oil and sugar for smooth and clear skin -Gently exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells, impurities and dirt -Moisturizes the upper layer of your skin and regenerates cells for a fresh look and youthful radiance -Revives and refreshes skin from the daily wear and tear, due to heat, dust, and pollution


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