Bioclairx Mint Cream (325 gm)

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325 gm

Product Description :

Also known as: moisturizer

Weight : 330 (gms)
Dimensions : 8 (cms) x 8 (cms) x 8 (cms)

About Mint Cream
Bioclairx Mint face cream is a type of skincare product that is designed to nourish and hydrate the skin while providing a refreshing and invigorating sensation. It typically contains natural ingredients such as mint extract, peppermint oil which helps soothe inflammation, irritation and itchiness on skin and scalp. Mint extract is often included because it has natural cooling and soothing properties that can help to calm irritated skin and reduce inflammation. The vitamins and antioxidants in mint face cream help to protect the skin from environmental damage and signs of aging. Bioclairx Mint face cream is typically used as a daily moisturizer. The natural cooling and soothing properties of mint extract can help to calm redness and inflammation in the skin. Mint face cream is a refreshing and invigorating skincare product that can provide a range of benefits to the skin.

Ingredients used in Mint Cream

Benefits of Mint Cream
Mint Facial Cream works well as a mild astringent agent that helps to tone your skin naturally. It is potent to clear off the dead cells, removes the dirt from the pores and revamps your skin to a smoother, supple and well -hydrated tone. In addition, it also retains the moisture in your skin by tightening the pores.

How to use Mint Cream
Apply cream all over face & neck in upward motion for 3 mins, till it gets absorbed completely into the skin.

Type Of Packing - Plastic

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