Bioclairx Skin Healing Moisturiser Foot Cream (325 gm)

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325 gm

Product Description :

Weight : 330 (gms)
Dimensions : 8 (cms) x 8 (cms) x 8 (cms)

About Skin Healing Moisturiser Foot Cream
BioClairx Skin Healing Moisturiser Foot Cream is a specially formulated cream that provides intense care and nourishment to dry, cracked, and rough skin on the feet. This foot cream contains citric acid, which helps to exfoliate dead skin cells, remove impurities, and promote skin renewal. The cream also contains other ingredients that deeply moisturize and hydrate the skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth, and healthy.

This foot cream is perfect for people who suffer from dry, cracked, and rough feet due to harsh weather conditions, wearing tight-fitting shoes, or standing for long periods. The cream has a non-greasy and quick-absorbing formula that makes it easy to apply and use. With regular use, this foot cream can help improve the appearance and health of your feet, making them look and feel soft, smooth, and rejuvenated.

Ingredient used in Skin Healing Moisturiser Foot Cream

Benefits of Skin Healing Moisturiser Foot Cream
Foot Care Cream helps to remove dead skin cells, reduce calluses, improve circulation, relieve muscle tension from standing or walking all day long, and soothe tired muscles.

How to use Skin Healing Moisturiser Foot Cream
Apply cream all over the feet in an upward circular motion till it gets absorbed completely into the skin.

Type Of Packing - Plastic

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