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Blistrum Colostrum Capsule

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60 capsule


Blistrum is Colostrum, a nutritious food. Colostrum is a highly studied & researched product having more than 1000 medical references. Colostrum has been in use ever since the evolution of mankind. It is life’s “First Healthy Food” Mother’s gift to a child and is loaded with metabolic activators and immune system boosters with growth factors. It supplements human milk as it contains up to 40 times the amount of Immunoglobulin than human milk. Colostrum contains over 80+ biologically active compounds. One can safely say that Colostrum is a 360° Health Cover.

Benefits of Blistrum:

Benefits for to be mothers:

It is not only safe for pregnant mothers to take colostrum, it is also beneficial for both the mother and her child. Colostrum can help to enhance women’s physique during pregnancy, to reduce external pathogenic invasion and to protect the baby in the womb.

The immune resistance in early pregnancy is relatively poor and mothers are vulnerable to illness. Immune factors such as IgG in colostrum not only enhance the immunity of the mother to prevent illness from the flu, pneumonia or other diseases, it can also improve the immunity of the baby through the passing of IgG via the placenta.

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