Bodysoul Arham Jasmine Incense Sticks

M.R.P: 15   Price: 15
15 gm

Product Description :
Natural fragrance agarbatti have ingredients selected very carefully to enhance positivity. Each stick burns for up to 45 mins and leaves a lasting impact. Agarbattis are an indispensable part of Indian Puja routine. They present a soothing fragrance to space. They are considered holy as per traditions. It freshens the air and is offered as a respect to the deities. Incense sticks are known to bring compassion and positivity to the Pooja routine. Make incense sticks a part of your pooja and meditation routine to make them more interesting. Agarbattis leave a calming effect and interesting aroma when they are lit. The fragrance is sure to make your mornings and evenings into something to look forward too. It brings a zest of its own.
Composition - Agarbatti Bamboo Sticks, Mogra Fragrance Oil, Jigget Powder
How to Use - Keep out of children below 3 years and use of this product should be done strictly under elder supervision.
- Connect with your spiritual side weave in the magic of love also infuse your home with the warm, intense aroma of nightqueen ayurvedic incense
- No chemicals has been added
- 100% Non-toxic, No Synthetic Fragrances
- Bamboo, Naturally available herbs, essential oils


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