Bodysoul Arham Premium Dhoop Cone- Lemon Grass

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50 gm

Product Description :
Arham Premium Dhoop Batti is known for its long-lasting and mesmerising aroma. It is made from fine quality and natural ingredients. Doop batti is aromatic incense sticks. This dhoop batti has a sandalwood fragrance which is great while offering prayers. It is a natural scent that is become a common practice in most Indian households. It enlightens the atmosphere by its aroma. This dhoop batti is available in different fragrance. It is easy to use and safe.
- Long lasting - Make sure to create a peaceful ambience by lighting up these and long lasting Dhoop incense sticks. use it every day and experience peace and tranquility in the best possible manner.
- Suitability - Incense Dhoop can be used for offering your prayers to god i.e. for spiritual as well as meditational purposes. it is made from pure and herbal materials and is worth every single penny.
- Easy to use and safe Dhoop - Incense sticks create encouraging and inviting environment which boosts vitality and divinity. using it on everyday basis can eradicate all the negative energy and help you attain your spiritual goals in a peaceful and relaxed manner.
- Burning Time - 15 to 20 minutes.
- Non-toxic - 100% Non-toxic, No Synthetic Fragrances. No Charcoal, No Bamboo and Smell Sweet
How to Use
- Light the tip of the dhoop cones until it flames.
- After the tip glows, blow out the flame.
- Make sure not to place it near plastic or paper.
- Experience the utmost of tranquillity.


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