Bodysoul Arham Rose Incense Sticks

M.R.P: 150   Price: 120 20% off

Product Description :
1. Exquisite Fragrance : Our Bodysoul Rose Agarbatti carries the exquisite fragrance of fresh roses, enveloping your space with a captivating and romantic aroma.
2. Spiritual Connection : Roses hold spiritual significance in various cultures and traditions, symbolizing love, purity, and devotion. Burning our Rose Agarbatti during prayers or meditation can enhance your spiritual connection.
3. Versatile Use : Our Rose Agarbatti is suitable for various settings, including homes, temples, yoga studios, or during rituals and ceremonies, adding a touch of elegance and serenity to any space.
4. Cultural Significance : Roses have cultural significance in many traditions and symbolize love, beauty, and spirituality. By using our Rose Agarbatti, you embrace and honor these cultural roots, infusing your space with their symbolism and essence.

- Connect with your spiritual side weave in the magic of love also infuse your home with the warm, intense aroma of nightqueen ayurvedic incense
- No chemicals has been added
- 100% Non-toxic, No Synthetic Fragrances
- Bamboo, Naturally available herbs, essential oils



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