Candid Gold Powder 100 gm

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100 gm

Product Description:

Candid Gold Powder is a unique and effective topical antifungal powder that is designed to treat and prevent fungal infections of the skin. The powder contains a combination of Clotrimazole and Zinc oxide, which work together to fight against the growth of fungus on the skin. This powder is especially useful in treating common fungal infections like ringworm, jock itch, and athlete's foot.

Candid Gold Powder is easy to use, and it quickly absorbs into the skin to provide long-lasting relief from itching, burning, and other symptoms associated with fungal infections. It can be used on any part of the body and is suitable for all skin types.

About this Item:

- 100 Gm Bottle
- Antiperspirant Formula
- Controls Sweat
- Gentle on Skin
- Fights Bacteria
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