Chaizup Premium Instant Premix Coffee (Coffee Mocha)- 30 Sachets X 20 GM

M.R.P: 750   Price: 720 4% off
30 Pcs

Product Description:
- Delicious choco mocha flavor for a chocolaty twist on traditional coffee.
- Quick and easy to prepare - just add hot water and stir for a delicious cup of choco mocha in seconds.
- 30 sachets of 20 gm each make it convenient to enjoy a cup of choco mocha anytime, anywhere.
- The 600 gm pack is perfect for home or office use and ensures that you always have a cup of choco mocha at hand.
- Ideal for those who love coffee and chocolate but want to avoid the hassle of brewing and mixing ingredients.
- Ideal for busy mornings, office breaks, or for a quick pick-me-up during the day.
- Perfect for coffee lovers who enjoy the taste of chocolate and want a quick and convenient way to prepare it.


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