Cravova Watermelon Mojito

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300 ml

Product Description :
- Non-Alcoholic: The Cravova watermelon mojito is a perfect drink for anyone who loves the kiwi flavor as it does not have any alcohol content in it. Without any age restrictions, the mocktail can be consumed.
- No Artificial Flavors: Cravova does not support drinks having artificial and additional flavors or colors. It contains only natural ingredients, making the drink more healthy and tasty.
- Watermelon Flavor: Watermelon is rich in providing coolness to the body and mind. You can get the same freshness of melon by having the mojito. The sweet and refreshing beverage will keep you alive and energetic like nothing else.
- The perfect drink for any occasion: Let it be any occasion, family trips, functions, or meetups, kiwi mojito is an ideal drink to serve. It's also a great way to use as a mixer to make fresh cocktails.
- No Additionals: The Cravova watermelon mojitos can drink directly from the bottle. You do not need to add anything as it comes with carbonated water, sugar, and lemon juice concentrate. If you like it chilled, add some ice cubes and enjoy.


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