Crystal Stainless Steel Oil Pourer

M.R.P: 375   Price: 356 5% off
500 ml

Product Description : Finally, here is the leak-proof oil pourer you have been looking for. With its innovative silicone ring design, it offers an anti-drip oil pouring experience. It can add a contemporary look to your kitchen and can last you for years. Key Features: - High Grade Stainless Steel - Spill-Proof - Modern Look - Dust Cover - Anti-Slip - Rust Proof Benefits: -Anti-Drip Design : Unique leak-proof silicone ring design prevents messy oil leaks. -Easy to Pour : The slim spout ensures that less quantity of oil pours smoothly and slowly. -No More Dust : The snug cover ensures that no dust or particles enter the spout and the oil. -No Slips : Ergonomically designed body ensures a firm grip, preventing chances of accidental slips. -Healthy & Long Lasting : Just like glass, stainless steel is non-reactive and does not leach into the food. But unlike a glass oil pourer that comes with the risk of breakage, a stainless steel oil pourer is meant to last.


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