Divya Shree Musli X Power Oil for Male Performance

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Product Description:
Divya Shree Musli X Power Oil is an ayurvedic herbal oil specially formulated to increase male performance, libido, and penis enlargement. It is an all-natural formula that is safe and effective. This oil is enriched with the goodness of herbs and natural extracts like Safed Musli, Ashwagandha, Kaunch Beej, and Shilajit which are known to improve male vigor, vitality, and libido. It also helps to increase sperm count and provide a long-lasting result. This oil is free from any side-effects, artificial colors, and preservatives. Regular use of this oil can help to increase the size of the penis and improve sexual desire.

Benefits :
1. Improved sexual performance: Divya Shree Musli X Power Oil helps to improve male sexual performance by enhancing libido and increasing sexual stamina. It also helps to stimulate the production of testosterone hormone, thus promoting better sexual health.

2. Increased libido: The oil helps to increase libido in men, thus helping them to enjoy a more fulfilling sex life.

3. Penis enlargement: The oil helps to strengthen the tissues of the penis and promote its enlargement. This helps to improve sexual pleasure and performance.

4. Increase sperm count: The oil helps to increase the sperm count in men, helping them to achieve better reproductive health.

5. Sexual wellness: The oil helps to improve overall sexual wellness and provides relief from stress and anxiety.

6. Natural ingredients: The oil is made from natural ingredients that are safe and effective for use.

Ingredients :- 
Aswagandha, Kaunch, Veedari, Gokharu, Beej Band, Dhatupuspi, Vang Bhasm, Talmakhana, Munjatak, Akarkarabh, Utangan, Shilajeet, Dhatupuspi, Malaphal, Swarn Vang Bhasm, Salmali, Swarn Sindoor, Jaiphal, Makardhwaj Sidh, Satvirya

How to Use :-
The recommended course is for 30 days for better results. Apply 3-4 drops and massage for 5-7 min and then wash after 1 hour.


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