Domex Disinfectant Expert Toilet Cleaner

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1 L

Product Description : Domex Fresh Guard Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner with revolutionary fresh guard technology fights bad smell up to 100 flushes The revolutionary technology forms a protective layer on your toilet commode which repels any fluid that causes bad smell & stains, keeping it fresh for up to 100 flushes Contains powerful formula which removes limescale and tough stains instantly leaving your toilet sparkling clean and fresh. Key Features: - Domex Fresh Guard Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner has unique colour changing formula from green to blue which ensures effective removal of germs thereby keeping your toilet fresh and safe - Strategically bent bottleneck shape helps pour the liquid into deep corners under the toilet rim making it convenient for use - Thick Formula liquid which ensures an even spread across the toilet bowl and less wastage How to Use: Squeeze hold the sides of the cap and turn anti-clockwise to release the child lock. Direct nozzle under toilet rim and squeeze to apply. Wait for 20 mins, brush lightly and flush.


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