FARM 29- Fresh from Farmers Basmati Rice (2 KG)

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2 kg

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Product Description:
- NUTRITION: Carbohydrates and micro-nutrients such as selenium, folate & thiamine. This Organic Brown Rice is very high in nutrition because it contains all edible parts of rice including the outer layer of the bran.
- Grown in the natural soil which is nourished by natural cow and goat dung manure This rice adds to the nutrition and fibre content with all the benefits of basmati rice Ayurveda advises long-grained and aromatic basmati rice It is pure and nutritious while balancing physiology Basmati rice builds body tissue and is very rich in prana or vital bio-energy
- Great food for people wanting a gluten-free option and it contains negligible fat.
- NUTRITION: High in fiber such as hemicellulose, and virtually no soluble fiber, boosts gut health
- CERTIFIED ORGANIC; Our farmers practise ANCIENT NATURAL VEDIC STYLE of farming using vegetable compost neem cakes ; NO CHEMICALS PESTICIDES & PRESERVATIVES.


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