FARM 29- Fresh from Farmers Jaggery (500 Gm) (TAOPL-1064)

M.R.P: 170   Price: 153 10% off
500 gm

Product Description:
- Jaggery has enormous health benefits which make it the ideal sweetener.
- Diabetic patients often get sweet cravings and turn to various forms of sweeteners. Though these patients might consider jaggery a better alternative than sugar,
the truth is that it too contains high levels of sugar.

- Weight gain is an issue most people have to deal with. A trusted remedy to foster weight loss is a moderate intake of jaggery. It is a good source of potassium that helps balance electrolytes, boosting metabolism as well as building muscles. Moreover, potassium can also help reduce water retention in one’s body, hence, playing a major role in weight loss.
- The presence of potassium and sodium in jaggery helps maintain acid levels in the body. This, in turn, maintains normal blood pressure levels. So if someone suffers from high or low blood pressure, including it in their diet would be of great help!
- Unlike sugar that offers short-lived energy boost, jaggery provides gradual energy that lasts for a longer time. This is because it is unrefined, which ensures that blood sugar levels aren’t altered immediately and rises slowly instead. This, in turn, can help prevent fatigue as well


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