FARM 29- Fresh from Farmers Little Millet (1000 Gm) (TAOPL-1043)

M.R.P: 298   Price: 219 27% off
1 kg

Product Description:
- Millets Contain Much Higher Amounts Of Fiber And Essential Minerals Than Wheat, Rice And Other Cereal Grains. Broken Wheat, Oats, Unpolished Rice
- Little millet is good for diabetes patients as it has a low glycemic index hence it is slowly digested, therefore spikes in sugar level, no absorbed and metabolized and causes a lower and slower rise in blood glucose.
- Naturally farmed, gluten free, high fibre, low carb grains
- Little millet is nutritious and a good source of protein, essential amino acids, vitamins and fiber, with a distinctive sweet flavor.
- Preservatives Free, Chemical Free, Gluten Free, No aditive flavor's.


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