Feel and Heal Hair Oil

M.R.P: 650   Price: 650
100 ml

Product Description:
Feel & Heal hair oil has been proven to improve hair texture and prevent hair loss. Our nutrientrich hair oil has amazing anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe the scalp and reduce various scalp conditions like scabs and dandruff. Use this oil regularly to calm yourself after a particularly stressful day.

Key Benefits
Feel & Heal Ayurvedic Hair Oil is a 100% safe and healthy Ayurvedic medicine that provides natural growth of hair by resolving the problems of premature graying, hair loss and dandruff.
- Helps in preventing hair loss and makes hair thicker, stronger, and lustrous
- Stimulates hair follicles
- Prevents premature greying and dandruff
- Improves blood circulation and promotes the production of new healthy hair all over again
- Best organic hair oil for hair growth

Instructions and directions for use
- SHAKE well before use.
- Put oil on hair and scalp & massage for 2-3 minutes.
- Leave it for 15 minutes at least before bath.
- To get results minimum of three bottles required.
- No need of using shampoo as Feel & Heal Ayurvedic Hair Oil will not make your head and face oily. Remember that you may please don’t use any other oil, shampoo or soap, etc., with Feel & Heal Ayurvedic Hair Oil as it may affect getting the best results. Still, if you want to use shampoos, please make sure that you’re using ayurvedic shampoo or ‘thaali’. Well, Feel & Heal Ayurvedic Hair Oil is the best option for those who fear the oily problem and didn’t use any oils so far, or who use gels or who feel headache when using oils. There’s no intense odour as well.


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