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Folding Saw

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Product Description:

An essential tool for camping, backpacking, back country trekking, and hunting, this folding saw makes short work of wood, meat or metal. The serrated blade is complemented by a rugged anodized aluminum frame that holds extra blades. It folds down compactly

• Any type of wood-natural wood, synthetic wood, plywood, drywall board, PVC pipe etc.

• Computer controlled grinding machine produces taper-ground blade with greater thickness on the tooth edge making the set of tooth unnecessary.
• Hard chrome plated finish is rust proof, friction free and produces smooth cut surface similar to planed surface.

• Unlike conventional method, teeth are sharpening by whetstone to product a super sharp cutting edge fat superior.
• Cut of saws with teeth sharpened by conventional filling.
• The sharpness is equal to that of a high quality knife.

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