Fortune Super Basmati Rice

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1 kg

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Product Description :
Fortune brings to you the most special basmati - Fortune Super Basmati Rice. It is specially aged to help every grain acquire the best basmati characteristics. Every slender grain of super basmati rice is carefully picked, aged, dried, de-husked, processed, graded and sorted by machine at our state-of-the-art milling plant. On cooking, it becomes exceptionally long while remaining non-sticky. The result is an irresistible serving that delights everyone's heart through its appearance and taste. It is best used to prepare pulav, fried rice, risotto and paella.
- Best raw basmati rice for daily cooking.
- Soft and fluffy for the perfect cooking experience.
- Long and slender grains for the perfect basmati.
- Non-sticky grain with perfect texture.


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