FUTURA 2 L Induction Bottom Pressure Cooker (Hard Anodized)

M.R.P: 3325   Price: 3325
1 pc

You can quickly whip up a tasty meal for yourself and your family with the Hawkins Futura Pressure Cooker. Designed with a thick hard anodising finish, this pressure cooker quickly absorbs heat. This, in turn, helps you rapidly cook meals for your family or guests. A pressure regulating system in this pressure cooker allows the release of pressure with a simple finger tap to prevent clogging in the steam vent. Moreover, the double-thick base in this pressure cooker heats up uniformly, so that you can lightly fry some ingredients before pressure cooking them.

Cook Rapidly

Built with a thick hard anodised finish, the Hawkins Futura Pressure Cooker can absorb heat rapidly to cook food in a short time, thereby making it energy-efficient. Also, it is designed to look new even after years of usage.

Pressure Regulating System

Equipped with a pressure regulating system, this pressure cooker allows the release of pressure with a simple finger tap to prevent the steam vent from clogging.

Double-thick Dase

A double-thick base in this pressure cooker always remains flat for convenient placement on the burner. Also, it heats evenly and is suitable for light frying before you pressure cook your food.

Pressure and Efficiency

This efficient pressure cooker is built with an inside-fitting lid for safety and it keeps the pressure locked just like the door of a jetliner.

Safe and Durable

Made with a safety valve below the lid's handlebar, this pressure cooker deflects the steam in a downward direction to avoid burns. Also, the gasket within this pressure cooker has less exposure to steam and does not rub each time you open or close the lid. This extends the life of this pressure cooker.

Stay-cool Handles

Built with a sturdy pivot, this pressure cooker does not put pressure on the plastic handles. This gives better support while handling this pressure cooker and the handles last long as well.

Versatile Pressure Cooker

Ideal for electric stoves, gas, ceramic cooktops, and halogen cooktops, this pressure cooker is a versatile pick.


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