Gala Microfibre Duster

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1 pc

Product Description : - Microfiber for Lint-free and scratch-free home cleaning - Perfect car cleaning accessory - Fixed handle with bendable duster - Easily washable after use - High density Microfibers duster Ingredients: - Microfiber Duster for Home and Car Cleaning Benefits: - Microfiber for Lint-free and scratch-free home cleaning: Gala Microfiber duster attracts dust, pollen, and hairs with ease. The fluffy Microfiber guarantees no scratches to the surface on the sofa, electronic items, or wall during cleaning. - Perfect car cleaning accessory: Lightweight and easy to use Gala Microfiber duster is a perfect car cleaning accessory for cleaning dust accumulated on seats, windshield, wiper and dashboard - Fixed handle with bendable duster: With a 360-degree bendable Microfiber duster brush you can reach corners easily and clean fans and other items with ease - Easily washable after use: wash the cleaning head with warm water and hang it to dry to make it fluffy for next use. Care Instructions: - Store it in a cool, dry place.


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