Garnier Men Shampoo Color 3.0 Brown Black - 10 ml + 10 ml

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Product Description:
Colours in just 5 minutes. Lasts up to 5 weeks. Enriched with the goodness of coffee extracts and argan oil. No ammonia. 100% grey coverage. As easy as a shampoo.

About This Item:
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The no-ammonia formula comes in an innovative, easy to use, dual chamber sachet which makes the hair colour shampoo’s application quick, convenient, and hassle-free
Simply apply and rinse off like a shampoo and enjoy beautiful black brown hair with the new Garnier men shampoo colour
Colours in just 5 minutes. Lasts up to 5 weeks
100% grey coverage and as easy as a shampoo

Shampoo Color from Garnier MEN

Want to try out a new hair colour without having to deal with booking a salon or mixing hair colourant at home? This creamy formula with 100% grey hair coverage is the solution! The satchel contains the right amount of formula to reliably cover short hair without wasting any of it, and only needs about 5 minutes to act. Yet once the formula is rinsed off, the colour remains for up to 5 weeks.

How to apply
Put on gloves and open the package, spreading the formula evenly over your hair for about 2 minutes. Wait for 5 minutes for the colour to sink in and then rinse out the formula like a shampoo!

No ammonia, All natural goodness
The formula is enriched with natural ingredients like dark coffee and argan oil to invigorate and nourish the hair.


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