Gatorade Sports Drink- Blue Bolt Flavour, 500 ml

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500 ml

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Product Description:
Gatorade is a scientifically formulated sports drink with fluids, electrolytes (mineral salts), carbohydrates and flavour, that helps you to Rehydrate, Replenish and Refuel. It helps to restore fluids, Electrolytes and energy that you lose in sweat during exercise.
- This sports drink is filled with the goodness of high octane energy, as well as vital nutrients including carbohydrates, proteins, sugar, fat and sodium to pack in a punch for tired muscles and low stamina.

- It also uses acid regulators and mineral salts to keep you replenished despite increased activity levels.
Nutritional Facts
Nutritional facts per 100 ml
- Energy (kcal) - 24
- Protein (g) - 0
- Carbohydrates (g) - 6 -
- Added Sugar (g) - 6
- Fats (g) - 0
- Sodium (mg) - 48
How to Use
- This is a must-have if you are part of a rigorous and extensive training session.
- Gatorade can be used before and after a workout to ensure that you do not lose steam when you sweat.
- You can take sips of this in-between an intense workout.


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