Good Knight Activ+ Cartridge Lavender

M.R.P: 80   Price: 78 2% off

Product Description : Good Knight consists of a mosquito repellent cartridge (2 refills). This vapouriser system is powered by Gold Flash technology which has 2 modes - Flash and Normal Mode. Use Flash Mode when there are more mosquitoes, and Normal Mode when there are fewer mosquitoes. Visible powerful Flash vapours instantly spread across the room and drive away mosquitoes, even the hidden ones. Flash mode releases visible vapours for 30 minutes every 4 hours, providing you and your family superior protection against mosquitoes. How To Use: - Remove the cap & insert the liquid vaporiser bottle into the specially designed electric heating machine. Plugin & switch on the heater. - For better results close the door & windows for the initial 30 minutes, and open post that. Lightly perfumed vapours will start emitting within a few minutes. - Always place the unit where the evaporated insecticidal ingredients will not escape out. Excessive ventilation in the room reduces efficacy. - Use a standard vaporizing machine that gives a minimum temperature of 135 degrees C to evaporate the repellent.


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