Govind Tetra Masala Chaas 200 ml (Pack of 15)

M.R.P: 260   Price: 260
200 ml

Product Description :
- REFRESHING DRINK : The drink is often consumed in Indian households as a digestive or during summer months to keep the body cool. It is definitely a refreshing drink to have.
- NUTRITIONAL - Buttermilk is a complete food. It is nutritive and contains all the elements necessary for a good balanced diet.It improves digestion and alleviates the feeling of puffiness.
- STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS : Store the buttermilk in a cool, air tight and dry place.
- STRENGTHEN IMMUNITY : Drinking buttermilk every day strengthens our immune system and protects us from a variety of infections.
- VITAMINS LOADED : Buttermilk is rich in B complex vitamins and vitamin D. Vitamins are very important and help our body in numerous ways.


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