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Gowardhan Processed Cheese Slices

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750 gm

Product Description:

Gowardhan Cheese handcrafted from fresh prime quality organic milk. Go cheese slices are a huge way to give your body the calcium it requirements. These high quality singles are processed expressly to improve shelf life while retaining flavor and nourishment value.
If the perfect way of a happy life is through your taste buds, Go Plain Cheese Slices is a great pick. With the health benefits of most premium dairy products, Go Cheese is high on its nutrient value, while also adding a lip-smacking, delectable taste to your dishes. This UHT cheese has a really long shelf life, so you don’t run out of your signature ingredient. The perfect, refined texture and the nuanced saltiness makes for an unforgettable taste. The goodness of cheese melts in your mouth, making it truly irresistible.

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