Haldirams Khatta Meetha

M.R.P: 75   Price: 75

Product Description :

  • Taste to Increase Starving - Haldiram’s Khatta Meetha Mixture has finger licking taste which you can’t resist. After every spoon of it, you crave for more & more. It is a mixture of some of the excellent ingredients and gives you such a delightful taste which you haven’t tasted before. Besides, you can accompany it while you're travelling and fill your tummy.
  • Guilt-Free Snacks - Khatta Meetha is one of the delicious snacks from Haldiram company. It has some of the mouth-watering ingredients which insist you to eat more. However, you can have it guilt-freely, if you are health - conscious people or gym-goers. Thus, it contains 511.3 kcal of Energy, 10.9g of Protein, and 57.3g of Total Carbohydrates. Besides, it contains zero Cholesterol and Trans Fat. It is suitable for all people with added preservatives.
  • Brand Trust - Haldiram is the reputed brand name in the field of snacks, and sweets. However, its products are manufactured under strict adherence, high quality standards and proper packaging.


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