Haldirams Khatta Meetha

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Product Description :
Haldiram's Khatta Meetha is a popular Indian snack mix that combines sweet and tangy flavours. It is made from a variety of savoury ingredients, including sev (gram flour noodles), peanuts, roasted lentils, and various spices. The snack mix is known for its delightful taste and crunchy texture.

Key Features :
- Sweet and Tangy Flavour: Haldiram's Khatta Meetha is characterised by its unique blend of sweet and tangy flavours, making it a popular choice among snack enthusiasts.
- Mix of Savoury Ingredients: The snack mix contains a combination of crunchy elements, such as sev, peanuts, roasted lentils, and other savoury components.
- Ready-to-Eat: Haldiram's Khatta Meetha is a ready-to-eat snack that can be enjoyed straight out of the packet.

Ingredients :
- Gram flour, Edible Vegetable Oil, Spices, Rice Flakes, Peanuts, Sev, Sugar, Salt

How to Use :
- Haldiram's Khatta Meetha is a ready-to-eat snack. Simply open the packet and enjoy the mixture as a delicious standalone snack. It can also be served as a tasty accompaniment with tea or coffee.

Benefits :
- Unique Flavour: The sweet and tangy flavour profile of Haldiram's Khatta Meetha appeals to a wide range of taste preferences.
- Crunchy Texture: The mix of various savoury ingredients provides a satisfying crunch with every bite.
- Convenient Snack: It is a convenient and quick snack option, suitable for enjoying at home, work, or while travelling.

Storage :
- Store the packet of Haldiram's Khatta Meetha in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Seal the packet tightly after each use to preserve the freshness and crispness of the snack.


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