Kapu &Rancho Internacional Milk Pure Gir Buffalo Ghee- 1000Ml (1Kg)

M.R.P: 780   Price: 699 10% off
1 kg

Product Description:
Nutritional Benefits Of Buffalo Ghee:
It is rich in phosphorous, magnesium and potassium.
It has higher amount of calcium and vitamins.
It helps in maintaining the bones, gaining weight and enhancing cardiovascular muscle activity.
It also helps in cold, cough and phlegm issues and in retaining the joints and has anti-ageing effects.
Buffalo ghee has a ton of anti-oxidants, that improves your absorption rate and bodily immunity.
Consuming this type of ghee regularly can help you increase your immunity and make you stronger.
It can also help you pass your stools efficiently.
Buffalo ghee can cure bedsores as well.


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