Ladi Pav (Buns) - 1 Packet

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1 pkt

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Product Description:
Freshly baked buns are the perfect match to enjoy with bhaji. These ladi pavs are rich in taste & nutrition as they are prepared with the best quality ingredients. You can eat them as pav bhaji buns or burger patties. Fry or grill buns as per your culinary needs and taste the authentic flavor in every bite.
Soft and fluffy Indian-style bread made with plain flour and dry yeast. Feather-soft in texture our Ladi pav goes best with bhaji. Baked to perfection these pavs can also be served in authentic dishes like vada pav, dabeli and misal pav.
Features :
- Freshly Baked
- Vegetarian Product
- Soft & Fluffy
- 1 Packet
- Ideal Pav Bhaji Buns

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