LAOPALA Pack of 46 Opalware NOVO Design Dinner Set (Microwave Safe)

M.R.P: 4295   Price: 4295

Design. For some, the word means 'how it looks'. For other, it means 'how it works'. But for us, its the beautiful balance between the two that make our designs truly perfect and having made perfection a proirity for over 50 years, Laopala brings this passion into everything it does. Exactly why Diva now a Laopala brand, embodies the best we have to offer. While the design, inspired by the latest trends in fashion and home design, look impeccable, they perform just as beautifully. Laopala products are lightweight, yet extra strong, and can withstand rough usage without chipping or scratching. And thus, by creating a perfect harmony betwwen creating aesthetic appeal and solving practical needs, we make what we call 'good design'


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