MA-FRA Carlux (250ml)

M.R.P: 899   Price: 899
250 ml

  • A highly versatile protective mirror-effect polishing wax. A professional Mafra car polish product.
  • CARLUX is a highly versatile protective mirror-effect polishing wax by MA-FRA.
  • Created to meet the most demanding requirements, CARLUX is a mixture of selected waxes able to easily and quickly polish and protect car paintwork or the bodywork of a motorbike.
  • The SILOXANE based formulation creates an unbeatable durable shine that lasts without leaving halos.
  • CARLUX is free of abrasives and is perfect for use on all types of paintwork, even the ecological, most delicate and traditional.
  • CARLUX is easily applied on the different parts and creates an immediate "silk" effect on the paintwork.
  • The "anti-depositing barrier" it creates endures repeated and numerous washes and causes the dirt and smog to slide away.
  • CARLUX is used by car wash professionals and is sold in a 250ml format.
  • This is one of the best car polish products from Mafra, an international car wash and car detailing international supplier.


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