Magic Copybook (4 Piece)

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1 pc

Product Description:

4 pc magic copybooks established by kids, children’s and even persons further to record main belongings over it while dangers etc. It is cut cautiously following sharp implement and hereditary, under the concern of user’s concern, that forms this amount doubtful while effective on that. You can use it over excellent distances just close allure littleness and constant maneuverability and recognize to together following a venture all of, place you recognize chance use it for your ineffective purposes. This magic copybook stand is very nearby and light burden so it basically doesn’t need few extra helps to control or handle it and that’s is reason, this too establish it an honorable material.
Package: -
4pc book
1pc pen case
1pc pen holder
5pc refills

Specifications: -
• Safe to use and handle the magic copybook.
• Light weighted and easy to carry.
• Simple to use it anywhere.
• Easy start and stop mechanism.


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