MILTON KOOL SEAL 7 Bottled Water Dispenser

M.R.P: 655   Price: 655
1 pc

When you’re out on a trip and feel like having tea or coffee, the Milton Kool Seal 7 L Water Dispenser Jug comes to the rescue. Built from a tough material, it is durable and sturdy. The PU insulated inner layer maintains the temperature of the beverage for a long time. Also, it has a convenient nested tap that makes this water dispensing jug convenient to dispense beverages and place among your luggage when you’re travelling. Moreover, this water dispenser jug has a sturdy handle that allows you to easily lift and carry it even when it’s full.

Nested Tap : An easy-to-use nested tap on this water dispenser jug lets you easily dispense your beverage. As the tap of this water dispensing jug does not protrude, you can conveniently place it between your bags while you travel.

Easy to Carry : The sturdy handle of this water dispenser jug makes it convenient to lift and carry even when it’s full.


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