Mr Muscle Floral Floor Cleaner

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1 L

Product Description : Give your home sparkling clean shine with Mr.Muscle floor cleaner, which offers 3 benefits in 1. The floor cleaner liquid removes tough stains, giving your home shiny clean floors. It kills up to 99% of germs*, making your home germ-free and truly clean! Plus, with a refreshing scent, the disinfectant cleaner leaves behind a long-lasting fragrance with every use. *Kills 99% germs when diluted up to the ratio of 1:40 I water. How to Use For daily cleaning, dilute ½ cup of Mr.Muscle Floor Cleaner in ½ a bucket of water. To remove tough stains and disinfect, pour Mr.Muscle Floor Cleaner directly on the surface to be cleaned. Wipe clean with a sponge or clean cloth. Features Removes tough stains to give your home sparkling clean floors Works to kill 99.99% germs Long-lasting, refreshing floral fragrance Can also be used on other washable surfaces like tiles, kitchen counters, sink etc. Available in Floral, Citrus & Lavender fragrances Benefits It helps remove tough stains easily. Not only keeps your house clean but also safe from germs.


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