MTR Vermicelli

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Product Description :
MTR vermicelli made with a special process that ensures it is non-sticky and does not form lumps. Use the delicious MTR vermicelli to make savoury upma or toss it with boiled vegetables for a wholesome pulao or make a creamy sweet kheer for the perfect dessert. Available in Plain, Roasted and Rice based varieties to meet all your culinary requirement. So let your imagination and creativity cut lose in the kitchen and be the perfect homemaker with MTR vermicelli. Try our 100% Suji based vermicelli, its healthy, nutritious and can be used to make a range of wonderful sweet and savoury dishes, to satisfy the tastebuds of everyone in the family.
Prepare a creamy sweet kheer, a savoury upma or a vegetable pulao and all from this 100% suji vermicelli
Key Features :
- Natural goodness of wheat
- Roast before use
Ingredient - Semolina

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