Nanova Care Coat Screen Shield

M.R.P: 410   Price: 410
15 ml

Water (Rain) Repellent; easy to clean transparent coating for vehicle glass windshield - Drive safe even in heavy rain. 2 component (mix ratio 2: 1 v/v) reactive cure. Enhance visibility through front/ rear windshield during rain; all Windows. Excellent Transparency and transparency retention (driver's safety parameters) Doesn't develop haziness on prolonged aging (retention of visibility) Easy cleaning - does not allow dust to stick, Removable by mild water wash (minimal or no detergent required). Reduce frequency of cleaning. Repellant to mud water (No blind views on mud splashing) mechanical robustness and durable to weather effects.

  • Repels water from windshield and glass surfaces
  • Keep vision clear in heavy rain
  • Easy cleaning - does not allow dust and mud to stick on glass surfaces
  • Durable - last for one monsoon season
  • Easy to apply - No expertise required for application


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