Nespresso Venezia (10 pots) Imported

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Ispirazione Venezia coffee capsules are a mellow, rounded and delicately aromatic coffee with an intensity ?of 8-13 that will remind you of coffee beans fresh out of the roaster. Its lighter roast keeps the delicate aromas intensely present while developing a thick body. In Venezia, you can not miss the distinct cereal fragrance and those notes of sweet caramel that we all find so reassuring. Shelf life is 183 days.

In general, you will get 0.6 calories in a Nespresso espresso shot, and 1 calorie in a Nespresso lungo pour. Having your coffee with milk will increase the total calories of the beverage to 69 calories for 100 ml of milk, which is about how much you would need to make a flat white or cappuccino. Taking your coffee with milk and 2 sugars will add another 32 calories bumping the total drink's calories to around 101


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