Nutella Ferrero Spread With Cocoa

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Product Description:
Nutella is above all about taste. The taste of an original recipe developed more than 50 years ago.
Our secret ingredient - the one that makes Nutella so special - is the combination of savoir - faire, passion and care. Since the beginning, these have accompanied the preparation of Nutella for you and will continue to do so forever. All this has been passed down from one generation to the next - starting in the backroom of the pastry shop founded in Alba (Italy) in 1944 by Pietro Ferrero - and has been raised to an industrial scale. An artisan-inspired production that we develop, preserve and of which we are extremely proud. Nutella is made of premium quality ingredients like selected hazelnuts and delicious cocoa. It is free from artificial colours, preservatives. Nutella helps a mom make breakfast tastier and making it more enjoyable for kids. It also offers a sensorial experience that allows a moment of joy for the family.


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