Nutraj Chilean Walnuts

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1 kg

Product Description:
Chilean walnuts (Akhort) are grown in a special environment and are considered one of the best walnuts. The Chilean Inshell Walnuts are the best Healthy Snack that not only has a better flavour, freshness and better colour, it also has immense health benefits compared to other types of Walnuts. They are plant based, purely vegetarian, and do not contain any GMO. Chilean Walnuts are good for the skin as they are packed with vitamin B.
Key Features
- The woody masculine fragrance keeps you fresh for longer
- Antibacterial actives keep your body odour under control
- It contains Nivea Men Care Complex, to take care of your underarm skin
Walnut Inshells
- Taste, aroma, and quality consistency throughout the year
- Extra Light Coloured Half Walnut Kernels
- Higher in quality and don't have the bitter finish often found in other Walnuts.
- Freshly packed in Zip Lock Pouch to retain its freshness.


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