Odonil Scintillating Rose Zipper

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10 gm

Product Description : Odonil Scintillating Rose Zipper is an air freshener product designed to add a pleasant and long-lasting fragrance to your living spaces. It typically comes in the form of a solid gel or block encased in a decorative container. Odonil is known for offering a variety of fragrances to suit different preferences. Key Features: - Fragrance: Odonil Scintillating Rose Zipper is known for its scintillating rose fragrance, which is designed to create a pleasant and refreshing atmosphere in your home. - Solid Gel Format: The product is typically presented in a solid gel or block form, which helps release fragrance gradually, providing long-lasting freshness. - Decorative Container: Odonil Zipper air fresheners often come in decorative containers that can be placed discreetly in different areas of your home. Ingredients : - Fragrance compounds, Gelling agents, Dyes (for colour) How to Use: - Remove the product from its packaging. - Open the container or expose the gel block as per the product design. - Place the Odonil Zipper in the desired location, such as bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, or other areas where you want to enjoy the fragrance. - Allow the fragrance to gradually diffuse into the air, providing a scented ambiance. Benefits - Fragrance Enhancement: Odonil Zipper air fresheners are designed to improve the aroma and ambiance of your living spaces, creating a more pleasant


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