Oxygen Chamois Leather Vehicle Washing Cloth

M.R.P: 550   Price: 550
1 pkt

Oxygen Dotted Chamois is made with superior quality and has dual side - one side is the Dotted texture & another side is plain texture, to get the best use of both textures. The Special Dotted Side has more cleaning abilities and gives more strength against dirt, dust, oil, grease, grim when compared to just plain chamois. Excellent Absorbent, Great Cleaning Abilities, Useful for both Wet & Dry Cleaning, Quick Dry, Multipurpose Utility - Useful for Cleaning, Polishing & Detailing, Durable - not affected by bacteria, common household chemicals, harsh Soap, Detergent, Shampoos, Value for Money & Long Life – Known for its long life i.e. useable several multiple (100’s) times. Very soft touch & feel gives a scratch free cleaning & polishing. Use It for Spotless Shine on your Car, Bikes, Boats, Trucks & other Automobiles. Helps remove Micro Iron Particles, Oil, Grease, Dead Insects, Bird Drops, Grime & Dust, Contamination & Overspray, Wiping Fingerprints from Polished Metallic Surface Safely, Scratch Free Cleaning of Glasses & Mirrors Etc. leaving a Good Polish Effect. Used while Washing, Cleaning, Polishing, Waxing & Detailing Work. Very popularly known as Shammy Cloth, Chamois Cloth, PVA Chamois, Synthetic Leather Cleaning Cloth in Auto Industry. Besides Car Care, Clean Cham is also very useful for Household Cleaning – Kitchen, Enamel,Glass,Furniture,Oil Paintings, Cosmetic use - very good for Hair & Body Care, Pet Towel - Pet Care & Drying, Electronics etc


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