Pediasure Nutritional Powder- Premium Chocolate Flavour 1 Kg

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Product Description:
PediaSure is a scientifically designed formula with 37 nutrients* to provide complete, balanced nutrition. PediaSure supports growth in picky-eating kids who may have lagged in their growth indicators as per their age. A trusted brand in more than 80 countries worldwide, PediaSure has a rich heritage supported by more than 25 years of clinical studies worldwide.

Key Features
- Pediasure for kids is a convenient single solution for children to get their daily required vitamins, minerals, fats, carbs and proteins
- Visible growth can be seen within 90 days if consumed daily and according to the recommendation
- Probiotics included in the formula like Selenium, Copper, Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C, help to support the immune system naturally
- Brain development is assisted through ingredients like Linoleic Acid, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid and Taurine among others

- Height and weight gain: Supports growth with nutrients like protein, calcium, vitamin D, iron, iodine
- Immune function : Supports immunity with nutrients like zinc, selenium, copper, and vitamins A, C, E
- Brain development : Supports brain development with nutrients like linoleic acid, alpha-linolenic acid, choline, taurine, magnesium and biotin In children at nutritional risk

- Skim Milk Powder, Sucrose, Edible Vegetable Oil (Soy Oil, High Oleic Sunflower Oil), Maltodextrin, Cocoa Powder (3.2%), Fructo-Oligosaccharide (FOS) (1.9%), Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil, Flavouring(s), Minerals$, Vitamins#, M-Inositol, Taurine, Lutein, L-Carnitine, Lactobacillus Acidophilus (0.001%). Contains Added Flavours (Natural, Nature Identical and Artificial Flavouring Substances - Chocolate)

Storage Instructions
- This box contains two sealed foil pouches. Once the foil pouch has been opened, contents should be used within 3 weeks
- Please do not empty the content of the foil into the container and continue to use powder from the foil pouch
- Transfer the pouch to another clean airtight container
- Store in a cool, dry and hygienic place (Do not refrigerate)
- For extra precaution, fold the foil pouch after every use to avoid powder exposure to the environment

How To Use
- For Milk : Mix 2 scoops (1.8.2 gms of powder) with 150 ml of whole cow’s milk. You can have this drink 2-3 times a day
- For Water : Mix 5 scoops (45.5 gms of powder) with 190 ml water. You can have this drink 2-3 times a day
- Claims are applicable to the preparation in water. Not intended to be the sole source of nutrition
- Once mixed, PediaSure should be consumed immediately. Otherwise, cover, refrigerate and drink within 24 hours. When mixed as directed. PediaSure provides 0.94 kcal per ml. Also tastes delicious with milk

Ideal For
Children above 2 years

- This food is by its nature gluten-free. Not for children with galactosemia or lactose intolerance. Not for parenteral (intravenous) use. Not for medicinal use. The product can be consumed without medical advice. Please store the product out of reach of children. This product is not an infant milk substitute or infant food. For children above 2 years of age

Shelf Life
- Best before 18 months from the packaging date

Frequently Asked Questions
- Who should not drink PediaSure?
All Pediasure products contain milk, so anyone who avoids dairy or follows a vegan diet should not consume this drink.
- Does PediaSure increase appetite in kids?
PediaSure contains Iron and Zinc that may help increase kids' appetites in just 4 weeks. Iron is an essential micronutrient that could help to decrease leptin, the 'fullness' hormone. Zinc, another essential micronutrient, might help to change the tastebuds, making food more appealing.
- Can a child younger than 2 years of age use PediaSure Nutritional Powder?
Talk to a healthcare professional about the usage of this product if your child is younger than 2 years of age. PediaSure products are not intended for infants younger than 1 year of age. According to health professionals, infants under a year old should be breastfed or fed an iron-fortified infant formula.