Pond's Starlight Talc

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100 gm

Product Description : We often wonder if there is a product that could help us retain shower like freshness throughout the day ! Presenting Pond’s Starlight Talcum powder. It has intense international perfume with Orchid & jasmine notes that give you an instant burst of freshness. It is specifically designed for your skin with soft and smooth micro talc particles that are easy to apply. Perfect for the summers, it is suitable for both men and women, it helps you to stay refreshed and makes you smell and feel beautiful. Use generously on your face, neck and underarms to absorb sweat and fight body odour. Powder your face for smoother and brighter skin. Pond’s Starlight comes in a vibrant pack with twist-lock cap for quick and easy dispensing. Use this right after the shower in the morning & before going to the bed in night for the soft and soothing freshness. We offer four mesmerising fragrances Pond’s Dreamflower Talc with the fragrance of pink Lily, Ponds Magic Talc with the honey acacia perfume, Ponds Sandal Talc with goodness of Sandalwood and Ponds Starlight with international perfume infused with Orchid & Jasmine notes. Ponds Starlight Perfume Talc – For an International perfume like fragrance ! Key Features & Benefits: -Mesmerising fine fragrance inspired by international perfumes -Its soft and smooth micro talc that helps absorb sweat & prevents body odour -Removes excess oil secretion on the face leading to an even tone skin -Makes your face look brighter instantly -Helps you stay fresh & keep skin soft & smooth throughout the day -Soothes & cools to give freshness in second


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