Rain-x Anti Fog (103 Ml)

M.R.P: 412   Price: 412
1 pc

armorall 78107us detailer tire foam: your tires are the parts that sustain the highest level of pressure and weight. They need to be taken proper care in order to ensure smooth functioning of your car. Now, using specially formulated tire foam, you will be able to clean, shine and protect the tires of your car without any hassles. Armorall has been committed for over 50 years to making products that help you make your car look so good inside and out that you can’t help but stare. tips and tricks first wash or rinse excessively dirty or muddy tires. Clean extra-dirty whitewalls with armorall multi-purpose auto cleaner. attention use only on sidewalls, not treads. Avoid over-spray on treads, brakes or floors. Do not use on cycle tires. Brake dust and other residue from tire can spot driveway. To avoid, rinse driveway immediately after use. usage directions shake well before use. Apply to wet or dry tires. Spray foam 6 inches from tire in a circular and steady sweeping motion. Ensure full, even sidewall coverage. allow to dry (5 to 10 minutes).

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