Real Fruit Power Guava Juice

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1 L

Product Description :
Guava is a tropical fruit known for its sweet and tangy flavour, as well as its nutritional value. It is a popular fruit in many parts of the world and is enjoyed both fresh and in various processed forms, such as juices, nectars, and jams.
Key Features: - Pink Guava is enriched with tons of nutrients that are beneficial to the body. - No added preservatives.
How to Use: - Serve the fruit beverage straight from the pack or create lip-smacking shakes, slushes and even puddings.
- Rich in Vitamin C: Guava is known for its high vitamin C content, which supports the immune system and overall health.
- Antioxidant Properties: Guava contains antioxidants that help protect the body from oxidative stress.
- Digestive Health: Guava is a good source of dietary fibre, which aids in digestion.
Storage Instructions: - To preserve the quality of "REAL Guava" or any guava product, store it in a cool, dry place or as instructed on the product packaging.


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