Release on Carnauba Premium Liquid Wax Polish for Car and Bike Exterior

M.R.P: 280   Price: 280
200 ml

The Release on Carnauba Premium Liquid Wax Polish is a blend of best-quality natural waxes and propriety cleansing agents. It removes dirt, grime and oxidation from the car paint, and forms a waterproof protective coating that lasts long. It imparts a deep, long-lasting shine to all car exterior finishes and reduces swirl marks to give a sharper reflection without over-rubbing the top clear coat of your expensive car paint.

  • RICH and SMOOTH SHINE - Gives Longest-Lasting Shine and Butter-Smooth Finish
  • HYDROPHOBIC COATING - Forms Durable Water-Repellent Coating - Protects From Environmental Damage
  • SHARPER REFLECTION - Reduces Swirl Marks; Increases Optical Clarity and Colour Depth
  • CARNAUBA WAX POLISH - For Better Performance Than Silicone Emulsions

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