Royal Indian Foods- Pink Food Color

M.R.P: 69   Price: 69
20 ml

Product Description :
Royal Indian Foods presents premium, vibrant and accurate colours for decorating cakes and other baking dishes. The colours are 100% vegetarian and it can also be used to add colour to desserts and ice creams. The colour comes in small 20ml bottle packing to preserve the safety of the content.
Ingredients :
Sorbitol, PG, Synthetic Food Colour, Glycerine, Tween 80,Total Synthetic Dye Content (3.5%)
Benefits :
1. Colourful and premium texture
2. A good quality product.
3. Longer shelf life
4. Professionally composed
5.100% Vegetarian
Storage and Uses :
1. It is used in icing fondants and can be directly applied to cakes.
2. It can also be added to snacks to give it different and vibrant colours.
3. Store in a cool and dry place
4. Keep away from excessive sunlight.


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